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Ron Artest Might Have Sneaked In Some Early-Morning Spousal Battery

You know, you think you know a guy ...

Placer County Sheriff's deputies have arrested Sacramento Kings' Ron Artest on domestic violence charges.

Deputies say they got a call from Artest's wife at 9:23 a.m. this morning. Deputies responded and arrested Artest. He was taken to the Placer County jail in Auburn. He's being charged with domestic violence and using force to prevent a victim from reporting a crime.


There's a press conference at 4 p.m. CT that should have all kinds of fun details, if "fun" is the word you want to use here. Considering it's Artest, we're going to assume he brought out the ole "You Can Suck My Balls" insult. That's destined to cause trouble, we hear.


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