Ron Washington Once Paid A $200 MLB Fine In Pennies

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We missed this on Sunday, but Hardball Talk didn't—Rangers manager Ron Washington, upset over a fairly small fine, might have found the single best CBA loophole when he mailed a box filled with 20,000 pennies to MLB headquarters.

The fun occurred in 2011, when Washington was fined for not leaving the dugout after being ejected for arguing during a spring training game. Washington, after arguing with an ump this past weekend, fondly recalled his old act of defiance to the Star-Telegram:

Watson called after receiving the box.

Watson: "And you just had $200 in pennies hanging around?

Washington: "Yes. Bob, I didn't have my checkbook. I wasn't trying to be funny. Now go to the bank and put that in the [change] machine and get your $200."


Washington notes that it cost him about $45 to ship the package. It was entirely worth it, just for the mental image of Bob Watson hunched over a Coinstar machine.

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