Ron Zook, Illinois And Our Spinning Brains

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We have resisted as long as we can: We now, to finish our day, talk about the Illini. And what better way to do so than through the restless guns of Ron Zook.

Actually, we're not gonna talk too much about it, considering everyone's assuming Illinois is going to beat Iowa this weekend, and as someone who has watched almost every Illinois football game over the last 10-plus years, let us say that it is a mistake to ever concede a defeat to Illinois.


Second, and lastly, we find it amazing that Fox Sports' current bowl projections have Illinois in the Rose Bowl ... playing USC! Can you imagine a scenario coming into the season where anyone could even imagine Illinois and USC playing in a bowl? Our brains reel; we don't understand anything about this college football season.

Next Saturday, we will be at Memorial Stadium for Michigan at Illinois. It's a night game and will be nationally televised. Heavens.