Ronaldinho Looks Like He's Had A Hell Of A Week

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Life is hard, man.

Ronaldinho’s bad week began on Monday when he lost his job. That event has forced him to take stock of his current situation, where he now must choose between retiring from the only occupation he’s ever known or joining some SoCal rec league outfit.

Probably trying to get his mind off his quickly unraveling career prospects, Ronaldinho returned to his Porto Alegre home, where he celebrated his mother’s birthday. Today while riding to or from his house, his car hit a pothole and popped a flat, forcing him to pull over on the side of the road. It was as he awaited help that the photo above was snapped, documenting the existential despair etched on his face for posterity by some random looky-loo.


From Globo Esporte, here’s a look at the surrounding circumstances that conspired to bring R10 so emotionally close to the inherent meaninglessness of life:


To at least prove that he is still capable of (feigning?) happiness, Ronaldinho did manage a smile in one of the other pictures taken at the scene:


Ronaldinho’s brother and agent let Globo know that the incident was not a car accident as it was immediately assumed and that the should-be-former player was uninjured on the day. His face tells a different story, though. Those eyes saw some shit on the side of that road. And they’ll never be the same.

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