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Rondale Moore’s Touchdown Probably Shouldn’t Have Counted

Purdue is on its way to upsetting No 23 Boston College and a potential 1-3 start to the season. Their offensive firepower throughout the game has been in no small part thanks to the Boilermakers’ freshman receiver Rondale Moore. His highlights so far are enough to let some wonder if he should be in the discussion as a fringe Heisman candidate. Of course, if he keeps slicing defenses like this, that status will certainly upgrade to more than just “fringe.”


One thing that Heisman voters should try to ignore is how this incredibly play should probably not have counted. After absorbing the initial blow from Boston College’s Will Harris, Moore appears to recover swiftly and scamper 60 yards to the end zone. But did he actually recover? A second glance tells us no, he did not.

Under normal circumstances, or if you’re a BC fan, this might have been another infuriating example of terrible college officiating ruining the sport. Instead, it allowed a freshman to blossom in the national spotlight and kicked off one of the early upsets of the year, which is fine.

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