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Rosenhaus Sets T.O.'s Career Ablaze

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One pretty amazing press conference involving Terrell Owens this afternoon. Owens came out and made a seemingly sincere statement, apologizing to his fans, the Eagles, Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, the owners, pretty much everybody but Jeff Garcia. We were watching it thinking, "Man, he actually seems upset about all this. Maybe the Eagles could bring him back."

Then his agent Drew Rosenhaus took the mike and proceeded to obliterate any possible good will — and any chance of Owens ever returning to the Eagles. Where Owens was conciliatory, Rosenhaus was combative, blaming the Eagles for the damage and (mostly) blaming the media for not being fair to Terrell. Rosenhaus couldn't have destroyed T.O.'s chances of playing in Philadelphia any further than if he had accused Andy Reid of being a member of NAMBLA.


People have always whispered that Rosenhaus is the true villain in the T.O. circus, that Owens has constantly been pointed in the wrong direction. The press conference was the best evidence of that we've seen yet. We almost felt bad for T.O. One of Rosenhaus' last statements was "I am always behind Terrell, 110 percent." He was standing in front of Owens at the time.

(Update: The Eagles have said thanks, but no thanks, to T.O. He won't play for them again. Shocking.)

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