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Round 2 Of The Ultimate Super Bowl Dip Playoffs Starts NOW! Vote!

We knew a debate on the subject of dip would prove to be a contentious one. And boy howdy, was it ever! Within an hour of posting, a vicious


had broken out,

, and colleagues were accusing one another of


. (Maybe it's a good thing Pete Seeger isn't around to see this.) And it's only the first round of voting!

In addition to the quality carrying on to be found in the comments, a few items are also worth noting:

  • With the exception of the salsa division, the top seeds in each bracket advanced. Which is a shame, really, because we were pulling hard for a tzatziki upset. (Ranch had to be seeded as high as it was because AMERICA. 'MERICA. 'MURCA. WHATEVER.)(USA! USA! USA!)
  • With that said, COME ON AMERICA. Do not let Ranch go all the way. Have some damn pride.
  • The salsa division poses some interesting match-ups, and looks to be the one that could yield our Dip Playoffs Cinderella. Can Chipotle Salsa take it all?!?
  • The number 4 seed in the Creamy/Cheesy Division, Pub Cheese, took it handily over the 5 seed, Horseradish Dill Dip, as did the 5 seed in the Salsa Division, with Mango blowing Peach out of the water (off the tree?). In contrast, the 4 and 5 seeds in the Plantlife Division, Pinto/Refried Bean v. Black Bean, ran virtually neck and neck throughout polling, with Pinto/Refried eking out a narrow victory by a margin of just 733 votes.
  • Despite the aforementioned vocal commenter support, baba ganoush netted the second lowest overall votes, at 936 (8 percent), with only vegetable soup mix dip—which was pitted against perhaps the strongest #1 seed, the venerable onion dip—garnering fewer votes (840, or 7 percent of that poll's total votes). Sorry baba! Your consolation prize is being delicious.
  • Our condolences (not really) to Skyline Chili. Your consolation prize is being loved by people in Cincinnati.

Round 2 voting is open; you've got until Noon EST tomorrow (Thursday, January 30) to make your opinion known.









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