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Roy Oswalt, Ditch Digger

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The night Roy Oswalt dominated the Cardinals and took a metaphorical bulldozer to Busch Stadium. Apparently, that night, Astros owner Drayton McLane promised he would, if he beat the Cardinals, buy Oswalt a Caterpillar D6N XL bulldozer. Well, Oswalt, as you might remember, kicked ass that night.


And yesterday, Oswalt got his bulldozer. Not metaphorically this time; like, for real.

"Each year, with our players, I ask them what their goals are," McLane said. "I said, 'Roy, what is one of your goals?' He said, 'To own a bulldozer.' That kind of took me back a little bit. I had never heard that before."

To be fair, Roger Clemens did once request to be called for a "Ditch Witch", though we think he meant a goatee trimmer.

Roy Oswalt, You Do Make Me Laugh [High And Tight]

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