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Royal Antwerp striker goes full Costanza, dons rival's kit in (failed) bid for transfer to Greece

Uhh, Dider Lamkel Ze did what now?
Uhh, Dider Lamkel Ze did what now?
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Didier Lamkel Ze has had enough of Belgium and wants to go to Greece.

The problem is, Lamkel Ze is a professional soccer player under contract to Royal Antwerp, and even though he hasn’t played a game for them since October, including being left out of the squad entirely for every Europa League group stage game, they have declined to send him to the Greek club Panathanaikos, as he’s requested, hoping to reunite with his former coach Laszlo Boloni.

So, the Cameroon international took a page out of George Costanza’s book, and tried to force Antwerp to get rid of him.

His idea? Show up for Royal Antwerp practice wearing the jersey of their biggest rival in the Jupiler League, Anderlecht. He did.


So, they just didn’t let him in.

Lamkel Ze said he’d follow up by wearing a jersey of Royal Antwerp’s crosstown rival, Beerschot, but instead wound up recording a series of videos for his Instagram story in which he apologized for his actions to the “magnificent and wonderful” Antwerp supporters.

In a classic example of trying to post through it, Lamkel Ze filled up his Instagram story even more a few hours later with highlights of himself scoring goals for Antwerp, backed by some music… and then a photo of himself, holding a painting of himself playing for Antwerp, as he wore what appears to be a Stephen Curry jersey — the number is obscured, but it sure looks like a 30 — and it would be kind of weird otherwise.

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Screenshot: Instagram: Zelamkel

While trying to force his way to Greece didn’t work for Lamkel Ze — at least not yet, there’s still plenty of time left in the transfer window — there’s no reason this strategy couldn’t pay dividends for James Harden, who’s already tried to get the Rockets to trade him with such antics as coming to training camp looking like he was at Santa camp, missing practices, and going to — sorry, not going to — strip clubs without a mask.


If Harden really wants out of Houston, he’s got to do better. He’s got to show up to Rockets practice showing utter contempt for the organization. He’s got to put on a Steph Curry jersey.

And we know a guy who can lend him one.

Sorry to all the other Jesse Spectors for ruining your Google results.

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