Rucker Park Was Too Small To Hold All Of Kevin Durant's Swag

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Basketball! Because of the lockout, doesn't it seem like it's been an extra-long time since we've seen meaningful games, even though it'd still be the middle of the offseason in a normal year? I don't know that the glorified exhibitions at Rucker Park count as "meaningful," but last night's fireworks display of a game assured us of one thing: Kevin Durant is still really, really, really good.

Durant went off for 66 points last night in a surprise appearance (Slam has a collection of videos). While he did get to the basket, he seemed content to stay beyond the arc — a strategy that's spectacular when successful, but more likely to be successful behind a chain link fence than, say, in the NBA playoffs.


Surprisingly for the East Coast kid, it was just his first appearance at Rucker Park, and he walked away just eight points shy of the court record. Which is awesome for the fans, and perhaps less awesome for any streetballers whose dream was to catch a pass from Kevin Durant.

Enjoy it, folks. The lockout's never ever going to end.

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