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Rugby Guy Almost Gets His Dick Ripped Off

The man making an anguished face in the picture above is Haydn Peacock, a player in the French rugby league. Why is he making that face? Because someone is trying to rip his goddamn rod off, man.


The unfortunate tackle took place during a game against the St. Esteve Catalans Dragons last month. Peacock was able to finish the game, but later discovered his mangled dilz in the locker room. From French Footy:

“Oh, when we played UTC the other week their centre pretty much ripped my dick off.”


“There’s a photo of me screaming in pain, and I finished out the half. The pain was alright and then at half-time I was like, I’ve got to have a look. I checked on it and the skin is half ripped off and I was like, ‘Shit, where’s the doctor? Where’s the doctor?’


Peacock was taken to the hospital, where a doctor put 11 stitches into his crank. The good news is that Peacock’s teammates got a kick out of the mishap. He told French Footy that they were “pissing themselves laughing” when he returned to the team and showed them his Franken-dick.

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[French Footy]

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