This is like a month old, but you’ll forgive me for not keeping up on New Zealand’s regional rugby union leagues.

The interloping dog was chased off the pitch during a May 2 match between Coastal and Inglewood, but soon returned—with a rabbit in his jaws. The life of bunnies, too, is nasty, brutish, and short:

Watt won the battle, though, getting the dog off the pitch but leaving the distressed rabbit on it.

Then from out of the crowd came Taranaki flanker Berny Hall, a rural man who knew exactly how to remedy the situation. With a quick turn of his wrists the rabbit was no more as it was tossed behind the grandstand.

Kids in attendance were no doubt told the rabbit went to live on a farm upstate.

Taranaki Daily News, via Animals Eating Animals (which is a hell of a site).

Photo by Andy Jackson/Fairfax NZ.