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Russell Westbrook still despises Patrick Beverley, as was made clear early in tonight's Rockets-Thunder game.

Beverley tried to grab at Westbrook after a foul was called in the first quarter, and Westbrook took exception, pushing Beverley and starting a scrum between both teams. (The best part is definitely Kevin Durant giving a hearty shove to Chandler Parsons, though.) Beverley immediately walked away—the protective mask helps him look more antagonistic—while former teammate James Harden tried to calm Westbrook down.

Roughly a minute of game time later, the two point guards wrestled on the floor for a loose ball, though again, Beverley walked away while Westbrook stewed.


If you forgot, Beverley was the one who reached in on Westbrook after the whistle in Game 2 of last season's playoff series between the two teams, causing Westbrook to tear his meniscus and cut his postseason short. So, Westbrook has reasons for hating him.

The Rockets and Thunder have one more game against each other in the regular season, and both teams are almost certain to make the playoffs, so this might not be the last of Westbrook vs. Beverley.


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