Russell Westbrook Beefed With So Many Blazers

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Photo: Harry How (Getty)

The Thunder beat the Blazers 123-114 last night, and Russell Westbrook finished the game with a 29-14-10 triple-double on 9-of-20 shooting. Games in which Westbrook’s shooting percentage rises above 40 percent are rare these days, so this counted as a relatively hot shooting night, and an excuse for Westbrook to get into it with multiple Blazers. Here now is a brief history of the beefs Westbrook engaged in last night.


Beef 1: Jusuf Nurkic

Westbrook, fresh off getting a jumper blocked by Jusuf Nurkic in the third quarter, fired off another jumper while doing a weird fake laugh, which of course caused Nurkic to reply with his own weird fake laugh.

Westbrook seems to have a genuine distaste for Nurkic, and mumbled “I ain’t talking about this clown,” when reporters asked him a question about fighting through Nurkic’s screens after the game. This brought on a spicy tweet from Nurkic himself:

Any beef that involves two aggressive psychos fake-laughing to demonstrate just how not-mad they are at each other and incorporates a nickname as rude and effective as “Westbrick” is a good beef in my book.

Beef 2: Damian Lillard

After capping off the win with a big-ass dunk late in the fourth quarter, Westbrook found himself with some time for further shit-talking while Damian Lillard shot free throws at the other end. He filled this time by informing Lillard that he’s been “busting his ass” for going on 11 years now:


Honestly, this beef seems a little uncalled for. Damian Lillard is really good, and scored 34 points last night. That does not qualify as an ass-busting on your end, Russell Westbrook!

Beef 3: Evan Turner

At some point during the game, Evan Turner mocked Westbrook by stealing his signature “rock the baby” celebration. Westbrook had this to say about it afterwards:


There’s no easier target in the NBA than Evan Turner, but he asked for it in this case, so this is justified. Solid beef.

Congratulations to these three players, who can now join Joel Embiid and Lance Stephenson as the newest members of Russell Westbrook’s long and constantly growing list of enemies.