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Russell Westbrook Says There's No Particular Reason He Dressed Up Like A Photographer

Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook wore an interesting outfit last night, but that’s something that can be said about him literally anytime he walks out of his front door. This particular outfit caught people’s attention, though.


As you are surely aware, last night was the first time Westbrook had to face off against former teammate Kevin Durant, who left the Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors this offseason. Thunder beat writer Royce Young posited that Westbrook’s photographer outfit may have been a shot at Durant, who counts photography as one of his hobbies. 

The game was decidedly less dramatic than Westbrook’s outfit. The Warriors won easily, and while Durant scored a game-high 39 points, Westbrook could only respond with 20 points on 4-of-15 shooting. After the loss, Westbrook claimed his pregame attire had nothing to do with Durant:

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Westbrook has possibly taken a subliminal dig at his former teammate. A Sports Illustrated feature from last month revealed that Westbrook and Durant used to jokingly refer to their Thunder teammates as “cupcakes” when they were acting soft. The day Durant told Westbrook he was signing with the Warriors, Westbrook posted this on his Instagram page:


Anyway, how did Durant feel about the photographer’s outfit? He had this to say to ESPN’s Chris Haynes:

I don’t care about what nobody wear to the game. Who gives a shit? I don’t care what he wore.


Okay, then! This is a decent start to the Westbrook-Durant beef, but they are both going to need to step it up if this rivalry is going to have any staying power. Maybe one of them will tell the other to go fuck himself during the next game.

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