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Russell Westbrook’s remarkable final shot in the Thunder’s 103-99 loss to the Spurs last night was a doozy. His four three-point attempts from that game are best appreciated in sequence. Together they chart a descent into Westbrook’s wonderful, dark heart.

The first was right before halftime—after a great steal he basically had to heave to beat the buzzer, and got a decent look anyway.

Westbrook’s second attempt came in the third quarter. Pull up from 24 feet with only a bit of separation from Dejounte Murray’s seven-foot wingspan, and see what happens.

Hey man, you’re only down by five points.

Embrace oblivion.

When the Thunder point guard was asked after the game about his shot selection, he turned the question on the inquirer, as he often likes to do. Gaze long into the Westbrook, and the Westbrook also gazes into you.


Russell Westbrook is shooting 29.1 percent from beyond the arc; if the season ended today, it would be his worst mark in eight seasons by a fine margin. He finished last night with 19 points on 7-of-19 shooting, 11 rebounds, seven turnovers, five assists, and one honking unapologetic statement of purpose.

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