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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

How do you not love everything about this?

Last night, Thunder down two to Golden State in overtime, Durant and Ibaka both missed shots that would have tied the game. After Serge missed the second, Westbrook flew in, agitated the rebound, found himself with the ball after Thabo saved it from going out, flew along the left sideline, ignored a semi-sorta-half-open Durant, doubled back into the corner, and flung up a three in Harrison Barnes's mug with 0.1 seconds remaining. Water.


That's what you saw, or could have seen, on TV. Here it is from courtside (and not vertical!), from Matt Stowe. Everything in this video is perfect. My favorite part is catching a glimpse of Russ, between bodies, quick change directions toward the basket as Serge's shot goes up. You lose sight of him for a second, behind the dogpile at the rim, and then he pops up, above everyone, as if launched by a tiny squad of high school cheerleaders hiding out behind Jermaine O'Neal like a missile defense system for rebounds. The rest is gold too. The cocky-ass nod-and-grin as Russ struts back into frame, the goofy noises coming from someone near the camera, the excited old lady just clapping and clapping and wandering out just a little too far onto the court to grab onto Westbrook's arm and congratulate him, then eventually hugging an usher. It's a perfect fan video.


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