Russell Wilson attends Tyler Lockett’s wedding, proves charisma not totally gone

DK Metcalf flagged 15 yards for running afoul of fashion — plus, Geno Smith!

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Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson in 2021.
Tyler Lockett and Russell Wilson in 2021.
Photo: AP

Russell Wilson is back in the good graces of his teammates — at least a couple of them. The longtime Seattle Seahawks quarterback attended the wedding of past No. 1 receiver Tyler Lockett. There’s even photographic evidence of the party so Wilson now has proof of affability when he gets back to Denver.

The reason for writing this is two-fold, however. Obviously, I touched on the initial point: Wilson can’t be as shitty of a QB/person as his first season with the Broncos made him seem. Who knows how he got the invite, yet it reached the intended recipient despite middlemen, and publicists, dispelling another vicious rumor that circulated about Russ last year.

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Photo: Tyler Lockett

Trying to win games while Nathaniel Hackett is pivoting to a career in Stone Cold Steve Austin cosplay would be difficult for any quarterback. Going from Hackett to Sean Payton is akin to starting a fire with a flint and a rock, or a flamethrower, and I think Wilson will be somewhere in between the player we saw last year, and the guy that Broncos fans were excited they traded for.


All of Wilson’s corny motivational tactics feel adopted from a Hallmark Channel movie, but camaraderie and a unifying goal are cliches that players still cite as reasons for the success of a team. The power of positive thinking is a real thing, and even though no one in LoDo ever wants to hear the phrase “Let’s Ride” ever again, I guaran-fucking-tee Wilson has moved on from his woeful first year in orange and blue, and is adamant he can right the ship.

And now the second reason this photo was newsworthy …

Stop wearing shorts with suits

DK Metcalf showed up in what has become a concerning trend of guys wearing dress shorts with a jacket and, in this case, bowtie. It’s a look that needs to be forgotten in 2023, never to be seen again like those pants you can transform into shorts with a couple of zips, or Von Dutch trucker hats.

Then Metcalf compounded his faux pas by wearing dad socks, and some heavily creased Air Force 1s. I don’t care if they’re all white, they’re not formal, and are objectively an eyesore when juxtaposed next to people who actually put on dress socks, and a pair of polished shoes.

Also, if you’re wondering, Geno Smith did get an invite, and appeared unfazed by Wilson inserting himself into the BFF slot of the group photos.


Notably absent? Drew Lock.