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Photo: Ted S. Warren (AP)

The Seahawks went into halftime of their Monday Night Football clash against the Vikings* holding a 3–0 lead. It wasn’t a real pretty half of football. Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson combined for 71 yards of passing on 20 attempts, and the teams put together exactly two drives of anything that could be described as competent offense. The first went for 70 yards and ended with a Seahawks field goal. The second went for 59 yards and ended in whatever the hell this is:

That is just a jaw-dropping spectacle of boneheaded quarterback play, and it belongs in the pantheon of such plays, alongside Dan Orlovsky sprinting out of the back of his own end zone and Brandon Weeden pitching the ball backwards to an opposing player. Wilson is spared somewhat by the incredible luck of Eric Kendricks momentarily lacking the coordination to bring that ball down without falling to the turf, but by rights it should’ve been a pick-six. Way to make Andy Benoit look for one brief moment like he was in the same universe as a solid point, Russell.


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