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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Russia Today Consults Security Expert Steven Seagal On Sochi Safety

Some security experts have suggested that with the eyes of the world on the Winter Games, terrorist elements could leave Sochi under siege. Indeed, with its location near contested Chechen territory, it's possible the world's athletes could be competing on deadly ground. With that in mind, the U.S. affiliate of cable news net Russia Today brought actor and pretend lawman Steven Seagal on yesterday to discuss whether Olympians are marked for death, or if they'll be hard to kill.


We really have no idea how this interview came to be, and we're assuming it was some kind of executive decision. Still, there's no question that Seagal has submerged himself into police work, even though his numerous bouts in the courtroom might lead observers to conclude the former actor sees himself as being above the law. In his interview with RT, you can see Seagal discuss whether the Sochi security perimeter makes Olympic facilities out of reach for terrorists, or if you can ever really stop an religious fanatic who is driven to kill.

But aren't you just happy to see Seagal in his native habitat, talking about kicking ass and wearing black? Dawn has arrived on Day Two of the Sochi Olympics and so far, so good. Hopefully this performance leads to more commentary on news programs for Seagal, like Good Morning America or Today. You die laughing, but when a crazed madman wielding a machete storms a high-profile event I want Steven Seagal by my side.

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