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Ryan Hall's Thirst For Running Slaked By Jack Daniels

Illustration for article titled Ryan Halls Thirst For Running Slaked By Jack Daniels

America's former top marathoner Ryan Hall announced today he has taken on legendary coach Jack Daniels as a coach. Former coach God was unavailable for comment.


From Hall's website:

It has been a fun ride over the last couple of years being self-coached and I have learned a log [sic], but I feel like I am back in my old "sophomore self" shoes looking forward to soak up everything Jack has to say. Jack has already played an influencial role in my development as a runner as well as hundreds and thousands of others and I am confident he can help me get back to my full potential as a marathon runner. With the Olympic Trials just a year and a half away it's time to start making progress towards my main goal as an athlete, to return to the Olympics and be at my very best there. This is something that has eluded me the last two Olympics but I am hopeful and expectant for the next years ahead with Jack's guidance.


Hall has a long relationship with Daniels; the two met while Hall was in high school, and after Hall left the Mammoth Track Club in 2010, he utilized Daniels' home in Flagstaff, Ariz., for altitude training.

Hall is not currently announced for a fall marathon.

h/t Chris Chavez, Photo: AP Images

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