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Ryan Howard To Fight Michael Strahan For Jared's Meat

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If you caught the afternoon baseball game on Fox yesterday, you might've seen the new Subway commercial starring Jared and Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. I didn't see it, myself ... but since it doesn't yet exist on YouTube, I have to assume that means that it's way less gay than the giggling Michael Strahan "MORE MEAT!" debacle.

Like several of the other ads Fogle does with athletes, he and Howard stand beside each other in front of a table laden with a couple of Subway subs and one of the competition's sandwiches. Howard looks like a natural, shooting his fingers at the camera as Fogle introduces him, then at one point feigning a swing as he says that all the meat in the sub "fills me up, so I can hit the long ball."

The ad wraps with Howard flipping the ball underhanded to Fogle, then sheepishly grinning and saying, "That was a terrible toss."


Ryan Howard deserves some endorsement love, and of course, I'd never begrudge a man a chance to make an easy buck. But it would be nice if he could star in a commercial that's a little more manly ... like Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight Maxi Pads with Wings, for example.

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