Six months ago, Football Outsiders told the tale of "Leaf: An Almost True Story," a mock-documentary about Ryan Leaf. Apparently, the movie has progressed a bit since then: It looks like it's going to be "released" in October.

[Filmmaker Tim] Carr, 30, wrote and directs the film and also plays Leaf. The film is tentatively titled "Leaf: An Almost True Story" and is scheduled for an October release. Carr describes it as a pseudo-documentary. Carr even got in touch with Leaf, now an assistant football coach and head golf coach at West Texas A&M. Though Leaf wasn't enthusiastic about the idea, Carr said, he didn't try to talk him out of it, either.

"Once I convinced him that this wasn't just going to be a hatchet job, he didn't seem to mind me telling his story," Carr said. "And he really has gotten his life together, so he has a different perspective on things now." Carr got some former players to play themselves, including Hugh Douglas of the Eagles.

You can find the movie's trailer right here. We are still awaiting the Andre Wadsworth documentary.

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