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Ryan Leaf Popular With The Crack Addicts

About a year and a half ago, it was discovered that a mock documentary on Ryan Leaf was being turned into Leaf: The Movie. We laughed, made a bunch of Ryan Leaf jokes and then pushed it aside. Well, the movie is here and it's quite popular. With the homeless folks at least. It was screened at the Bigger Bang Film Festival in Philadelphia on Thursday at the BSM Building. Well, it turns out that BSM stands for Broad Street Ministries and...well...let's just go to the director's notes:

I wasn't sure what the attendance for LEAF would be, well, we had a great crowd. Actually one of the best crowds to have during a film festival screening...they were laughing, cheering clapping at all the right parts...I got comfortable, this was a crowd who was really going to have a terrific time with this. That was until, the 26th minute. That's when the film projector melted down. Yep, the movie was hot, but I didn' realize it was THAT hot. They fixed it, then it crashed again. While they were fixing it, I decided to get up on stage and talk with the crowd. When the lights went up, I noticed that there was writing on the floor that said "do not sleep beyond this point" I thought that was an odd thing to see on the floor. Until I realized, the Broad Street Ministries was not only hosting the Bigger Bang Film Festival was also a homeless shelter. And many of the homeless folks as well as one admitted crack addict, had all come down to join our audience and check the movie out. I was fine with that, hey the more the merrier, right?


Clearly the movie gets the thumbs up from the wayward and crack addicted. That's not a bad start, I guess. I predict a successful screening tour at shelters across the country. Coming soon to a church basement near you. But the excitement didn't end there.

Somehow during all the ruckus, all of our dvd's went there are about 3 or 4 LEAF screeners floating around out there. If any of you see manage to see them, heck, no worries, pop it into your dvd player and enjoy it.

No word on who the culprit is yet, but my money's on the homeless guy on the corner selling Leaf DVD's to fund a crack habit.

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