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Ryan Lochte Is Getting A Reality Show And It Looks So Dumb

Reality TV is inherently shitty, so it's hard to judge Olympic gold medalist and über-bro Ryan Lochte too harshly for laying What Would Ryan Lochte Do? at our feet. A guy's gotta do what he can to stay relevant these days.

Above is a trailer for the show, which has all the signs of being a painfully scripted endeavor. Look, here's a scene in which Ryan must balance his professional life with his desire to party! Will Ryan party too hard? And here he is just having a casual conversation with his best bro about ladies, life, and love. Will Ryan ever find love? Tune in to find out if Ryan ever finds love!


If the trailer is too agonizingly brotastic for you to sit through, just skip to the end and watch Lochte get choked up as he talks about winning his first gold medal. How could you stay mad at that face?

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