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Ryan Malone Told Cop He Didn't Know Where All That Cocaine Came From

Free-agent forward Ryan Malone was arrested for DUI and cocaine possession back in April, and was bought out of his contract by the Tampa Bay Lightning in June. According to a police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, Malone told the arresting officer that he had no idea how a bag of cocaine got into his pocket, even though he'd been wearing the same pair of jeans for three days.

From the Times:

Malone told [officer] Visser he didn't believe the officer planted the drugs on him, according to the documents, but he was "baffled" because he was wearing the same jeans for three days.

"I asked where it came from," Visser wrote in his report. "And he said he was just shocked."


Malone was either lying to the cop (probable), or he might to rethink his lifestyle. If you're the kind of guy who drives drunk, wears the same pair of jeans for three straight days, and can't remember how a bag of cocaine got into those jeans, it's possible that you are partying too hard.

[TB Times]

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