Sad Browns Fans Continue To Be A Gift

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Last night’s Browns lost, one of the Brownsiest we’ve ever seen, already gave us a few great videos of sad Browns fans reacting to the horror unfolding in front of them. The video below made its way into our inbox over night, and we felt compelled to share it.

Here are my favorite things about this video:

  1. You can hear someone say “He’s gonna return it” as soon as the kick is blocked.
  2. The fan who is overcome by a maniacal Joker laugh. That is the unmistakable sound of a man slipping into madness.
  3. The poor fuckin’ lug at the end, whose Browns jersey (Trent Richardson, I think) isn’t quite big enough to fit over his many layers of clothes. That guy is now in the pantheon of sad Browns fans.

h/t Garsha