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Members of the administrative commission of dipshit also-ran-ass airport Brainerd Lakes Regional reportedly spoke out against NFL anthem protests Thurdsay, while discussing air travel contingencies for the 2018 Super Bowl, to be held in Minneapolis. This world is a goddamn toilet.

The issue is the increase in air travel expected into and out of the Twin Cities metropolitan area for Super Bowl LII, and what would happen if air traffic needed to be diverted from Minneapolis-St. Paul International due to weather, or any other unforeseen circumstance. Presumably some of the air traffic would be diverted to some of these rinky-dink regional airports, such as Brainerd Lakes Regional. But, uhh, what about the anthem protests?

Commission member Jeff Czeczok made a motion Thursday to protest these flights potentially coming to Brainerd until the NFL enforces its rule requiring players to stand during the national anthem before games. The motion failed for lack of a second, but not before nearly all commission members said they agree with Czeczok.


Couple of things, Jeff. First of all, there is no such rule. As the Duluth Review Tribune notes, NFL players are encouraged but not required to participate in the NFL’s stupid, stupid, fuck this is so fucking stupid pregame national anthem ceremonies. Second of all, man, what are you even talking about? Protest these flights? This definitely seems like a responsible thing for a goddamn airport to do—reject flights full of human passengers because some complete fucking strangers aren’t standing at attention during the playing of the national anthem. Sure wouldn’t want to, umm, allow airplanes to land during Super Bowl week so long as those athletes are, you know, not standing! Get a grip, Jeff.

Czeczok said Thursday he is disgusted by what he sees happening in the NFL. He mentioned Brainerd’s close connection with the Bataan Death March during World War II and all of the men who died with the flag on their shoulders.

“I just would like to remind the people sitting at this table that, you know, we have a national organization that has team members kneeling down during our national anthem,” Czeczok said.

Let these next couple paragraphs wash over you, and then join me in screaming into a pillow until my entire vocal mechanism rockets out of my mouth in an explosion of gore and I die, fucking finally.

Commission member Marty Johnson said he agreed with Czeczok and he doesn’t have a problem with protesting, just not during the national anthem.

Sponsors are pulling their support from the NFL, Johnson said, which is attracting attention. The players are protesting because of the increased attention it brings, he said.

“As long as the film crews and the media keep spotlighting the fact that this guy didn’t stand and this guy didn’t stand, they’re going to keep doing it,” Johnson said. “The media is the problem.”


There you have it, folks. Players are protesting not because of any ongoing social injustice, but because of the increased attention it brings, and, anyway, it’s all the media’s fault. Possibly Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport is being run by a bunch of circus animals.

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