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So here's a scary thought for you: Imagine thinking of Michael Jordan the same way you think of Isiah Thomas right now.

Thomas, of course, is a national joke, a guy for whom sexual harassment allegations are a welcome distraction from the daily idiocy of his workday. And, if you remember, Jordan wasn't exactly Red Auerbach during his tenure with the Washington Wizards. He completely messed that team up, and jeez, did you see what he did with the player Michael Jordan? Who was that guy?

And now he's back, with the Charlotte Bobcats, as part-owner and head of basketball operations. We're not sure how we feel about this, because we've been so conditioned by Jordan's playing career that we are stunned that he's not as dominant at the rest of the world than he once was at basketball. For a joke, though, we think he should trade for Kwame Brown, just to watch him cry.

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