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Sadly, Julio Franco Cannot Play Forever

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One wouldn't think that this would be classified as "news," necessarily, but we still find it noteworthy, and kind of sad: Julio Franco has officially announced his retirement.

Well, we think so, anyway; the story has only been reported by the official site of the Mexican League, where Franco had been peddling his wares. And it's all in Spanish. We tried translating it through Babelfish, but that wasn't much help.

This Wednesday at the end of the second game of the series of Tigers in front of Oil tankers, the Dominican Frank Julio definitively announced to the feline director his retirement to him like active player.

After analyzing the situation with the family, the Dominican one ends a trajectory of 26 years like player in where it harvested I title of batting with the Rangers of Texas, more valuable player of American Liga in the 90, three star games and two titles of batting in Mexico.


We think that's probably a retirement story, though we're not sure what the "feline" part has to do with anything.

Anyway, he will be missed, and we will be quite disappointed if he doesn't try a comeback in five years.

Julio Franco anunciĆ³ su retiro [Mexican League]

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