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Sage Northcutt On Trash Talk: "No Sir... I Would Never Be Out There Cussing"

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty

You may remember that UFC golden boy Sage Northcutt tried his hand at trash talking before his December fight against Mickey Gall. Highlights included, “I’m going out there to win, and that’s how it is,” and “Sometimes people ask for things, and they gotta be careful what they say.”


Once he got in the ring—where he lost by submission—it looked as if he just might have kept the trash talk going by jawing at Gall. But he was quick to clear that idea up in a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

“I was just talking to him. I was like, ‘come on, get up, get up.’ I was telling him to get up because I wanted to fight standing up. Another one was I hit him, I know I hurt him, so I was just like, ‘that hurt, didn’t it?’ So I was just kind of talking to him.”

On whether or not he had any regrets about his sweet little baby steps into the realm of shit talking:

“No sir, I wasn’t trash talking. I wouldn’t be out there, I would never be out there cussing at people or saying anything like that, so it wasn’t something to regret. Obviously I regret my performance. The two fights I have lost in the UFC, I should have won those fights, if I’d have been the Sage I know I can be. So I just need to work on that, be calm out there, don’t get too excited and amped up to rush in, and I should be getting better.”


There you have it. Sweet-hearted Sage Northcutt would never be out there cussing, neither as the Sage he is or the Sage he knows he can be. 

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