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Sage Northcutt Tries Out Shit Talking, Enjoys It

All screencaps via YouTube

Sage Northcutt is fighting Mickey Gall tomorrow in Sacramento, and he’s spent most of his time in California’s state capitol doing flips, grinning, and ripping apples. He also did a bit of media, which included something approaching real actual shit talk from the UFC’s 20-year-old Val Kilmer cosplayer. What he actually says isn’t outlandish by UFC standards, but notice, if you will, the tic he has after he answers a question. Sage will instinctively grin after every answer. Below, you’ll find a sampling of Sageface.

“Be careful what you say.”


Off camera: “He just called you a dork.”

Note: I swear these are different screencaps.


“Sometimes people ask for things, and they gotta be careful what they say.”


“I’m going out there to win, and that’s how it is.”


“I was very sick with MRSA!!!”


“I believe I’m better than Mickey Gall, my opponent, at ... every aspect.”


He got serious there for a second, but all it took was a question about ripping pineapples for him to turn back into a puppy.

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