Saints Fans Will Literally Go To Their Graves Upset About That Blown Call

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The Saints should have played against the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, if not because of the blown NFC Championship pass interference call that would have all but won New Orleans the game, then at least because watching Drew Brees against the Pats’ defense sounds a hell of a lot better than seeing a frazzled Jared Goff get repeatedly smushed into the turf while Sean McVay puts handcuffs on Todd Gurley and swallows the key.

Saints fans, understandably, have been particularly pissed about the lack of good refereeing in that crucial moment. There were legitimate demonstrations in the streets on Super Bowl Sunday, and the game’s ratings in that market actually reflect the fact that, unlike so many who performatively swear off the NFL, they actually made good on their threat to tune out.


So, are Saints fans ever going to let go of this bad break that kept their team out of the Super Bowl? Not even over their dead bodies!

Seriously. The New Orleans Advocate received an amazingly petty obituary for a New Orleans native named Henry Jaume, who died a few hours before the Super Bowl started. Here’s the first chunk of the obit (emphasis mine):

Henry A. Jaume, Sr. Age 65, Passed away on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 1:00 P.M. Determined not to watch Super Bowl LIII. He was a native of New Orleans, Veteran of the U.S. Army, Police Officer with the Kenner Police Department and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office. He is also past master of Arthur M. Retif Lodge 473. Henry was the life of the party wherever he went. He was charismatic, with a great sense of humor and quick wit. He always made us laugh. He loved being with his family having Easter Crawfish boils and New Year’s eve fireworks, going to the Saints game and traveling in his Tiffin Motor Home with wife and loyal fur buddy Hank.


The second sentence! Before his military service or work as a police officer or his wonderful charisma or his beautiful memories with his wife and “loyal fur buddy” (adorable), Henry Jaume’s gotta get in that dig at Roger Goodell from the great beyond. And honestly, I’m into it, or at least it’s a refreshing change of pace from, “He requests six (Losing Team) players as pallbearers so they can let him down one last time.” For Henry’s sake, I hope every TV in heaven just plays that onside kick on an endless loop.

h/t Benjamin