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Saints vs. Bears, NFC Championship Game: 1st Quarter

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- A fellow named Chris Daughtry is singing the national anthem right now. I don't know who he is, but he's wearing a Bears scarf, and he looks like a white Hootie.


- Joe Buck is currently making his way from the field up to the booth. We all pray for a safe and speedy trip there for him.

- Troy Aikman is narrating the emotional childhood-dreams-to-the-NFC-Championship-Game pregame video. Morgan Freeman, he is not.


- Drew Brees gets things rolling with a nice downfield pass to Devery Henderson. The Bears, according to Troy Aikman are going with a nickel package when Reggie Bush or Aaron Stecker are in the game alongside Deuce McAllister. Also, Drew Brees isn't wearing a glove, and no man's choice of handwear has gotten this much attention since Michael Jackson's "Bad" video.

- A Bears sack of Drew Brees takes the Saints out of field goal range... they punt, well into the endzone, and it's Rex time.

- On 3rd down, Rex Grossman makes a pretty nice play to avoid a sack, and then get rid of the football. Things like that will be the most important things he does today. We remain scoreless.

- Uh-oh... Brees is under pressure, and Brees gets pasted from behind. He coughs the ball up, and the Bears refuse to either handle it cleanly or just fall on it. That gives the Saints a chance to punt it away, and that cost the Bears a bunch of yards. Devin Hester gets a few of them back on the return.


- The Soldier Field grass does not look healthy. I mean, I'm all for playing on grass, and being one with the elements and all that, but... it seems like every game this time of year that's not in a dome or Arizona has a terrible playing surface. Grass is nice, but... so is the ability to stand and run. I don't know. I think it's time to embrace the new turf technologies out there.

- Just like last week, Saints CB Fred Thomas is being picked on. I kinda feel bad for the guy. Every time a ball goes his way, someone says, "Well, they're going at Fred Thomas again, because they think he sucks." Has to be rough on his family.


- Marques Colston makes a catch, but then has it stripped... the Bears are all over this one, with Nathan Vasher picking it up and running. And there's the first reeeeally big play of the game. Good field position for Rex and the Bears.

- Cedric Benson is a moose. He's delivering more punishment than he's taking, every time he touches the ball. I think he'll be a factor before it's over.


- Or, he'll just get stuffed on a 3rd and 1, and leave the Bears in a 4th and 1. They call timeout to decide what they're going to do.

- Check that, it was an official's time for a measurement. The Bears are going to go ... and goddammit, now they do take a timeout. How much time do you fuckers need?


- Joe Buck doesn't like the call, in case you were wondering about his opinion. I guess he'll be assuming the role of game analyst here today. Sweet.

- And they go to Benson again on 4th down... and he looks to have it. Rex Grossman tried to call a timeout before the play, which you just can't do. I don't know if it's a penalty or not, but it is impossible to call two consecutive timeouts. I think a ref told Sean Payton that it wasn't a foul.


- And Rex just blatantly misses a wide open guy in the back of the endzone. Just a terrible, terrible, throw. Bad Rex might show up today, and it might not matter.

- Incomplete again on 3rd down, and the Bears will not bring on Robbie Gould... I suppose you could credit the Saints for their defense, but I don't know... Rex Grossman kinda blew that one.


- Oh, dear... Michael Lewis fumbles the ensuing kickoff, and it's like the Saints are saying, "Hey, we know Rex Grossman sucks... let us help you out." The replay is pretty close here on whether or not the ball was out. We'll see.

- Ruling stands. Bears ball.

- That'll do it for the first quarter. Advantage, Bears.

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