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- So, the Saints fumbled three times in the first quarter, and lost two of them. I don't know if you want to blame nerves, cold weather, Drew Brees' lack of gloves, Sean Payton's Illinois upbringing, or George Bush's lack of care for black people... but they should probably get it figured out pretty soon.

- Robbie Gould converts another field goal after Cedric Benson slipped on the previous play. That makes it 6-0 Bears, and it probably should be more.


- Incomplete and 3rd and long, and the Saints will punt once again. But hey, at least no one fumbled. Progress, I suppose. The Bears take possession on the good side of the 50.

- Hey, there's Rex... downfield over the middle to Desmond Clark for a gain of 30. Nice job by Clark to shake the coverage, and the throw from Grossman was beautiful.

- Grossman throws the ball away on third down, and again, Robbie Gould is on. He's hit from 19 and 43... and now 24. 9-0 Bears, and it's time for the Saints to shake off their hangover, or fix whatever the hell is wrong with them.

- After one first down on a Brees scramble, Peanut Tillman breaks up a pass over the middle on 3rd and 3. The Saints have gotten nothing at all going since that Brees-to-Henderson completion on the 2nd play of the game. I'm telling you, it wouldn't be like this if the Saints had the good sense to hang on to the dynamic talents of Aaron Brooks.


- It's the Thomas Jones show on this drive, with three straight successful runs, one of them going for about thirty. 98 Bears rushing yards this quarter.

- Thomas Jones continues to try to wrestle the game MVP award away from Robbie Gould. He's touched the ball on every single play of this drive, which now has us at the 2:00 warning. Of course, they've been here before and failed... Robbie Gould could still be called on.


- He will be, but it will be to add the extra point to the Thomas Jones touchdown. It's going to be 16-0 Bears, and the remarkable thing about that is that they've built the big lead while getting a grand total of one good throw from Rex Grossman.

- Finally, a positive offensive play for the Saints... on a 3rd and 10, Brees finds Colston over the middle for a gain of 29... just over a minute to play in the half.


- Brees keeps the mojo going, finding holes in the Chicago zone and putting the football in the perfect place.

- And on this particular play, that place happens to be on Marques Colston's chest in the endzone. Wow. That's quite a shift in momentum there... instead of going into the half down 16, now they're going in down 9 and feeling like they can do what they want in the 2nd half.


- The Bears run the ball on first down, and get nothing. Rex Grossman starts heading to the locker room, apparently unaware that Lovie Smith wants to run another play. So he gets back under center, takes the snap, and throws the ball about 11 yards out of bounds. Then he takes a knee. No one can accuse the Bears of being unoriginal.

- We'll be back for the second half.

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