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Saints vs. Bears, NFC Championship Game: 4th Quarter

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- The Bears lead by 4, and Rex Grossman seems to have his balls back for the moment. To start the 4th quarter, the Bears have a 1st and 10 from the Saints 45.


- Special reminder from Rex Grossman and Troy Aikman: Fred Thomas still sucks.

- Bernard Berrian, you are magnificent. Grossman heaved a prayer in his direction along the far sideline, and ... unfortunately, Fred Thomas still sucks. I just hate to see a guy embarrassed like that. 25-14 Bears, and that was large.


- Drew Brees gets drilled by Adewale Ogunleye and that looked like a fumble. A late whistle, and the Bears have thrown the challenge flag. I'm not sure if that was blown dead, or if it can be challenge at all, but we'll see.

- Yep, Bears ball. 26 yard-line, 11 point lead... and there's still 13:03 left to play here, but if they could manage to get a touchdown here, the Bears could almost put this thing to bed.

- Cedric Benson takes the handoff, and he's just going to plow up the middle until he crosses the goal line. He just looks stronger than anyone who tries to hit him. That makes it 32-14, Bears.

- Drew Brees is intercepted by Nathan Vasher, and that will just about seal a Jim Belushi appearance sometime this week on ESPN. There's still plenty of time, I suppose... if the Bears turn it over and have a couple of defensive lapses, it is possible. It's certainly not likely, though.


- The Saints had moved the ball a little bit, until Brees gets buried under the pressure and is called for another grounding penalty, leaving the Saints with a 4th and long with 7:28 to play. 4th and 13, and they have to go. Brees goes deep over the middle, and it hits Danieal Manning in the hands... he drops it (SEE THAT, MARLON MCCREE?!), and the Bears take over possession.

- Injured Bears DB Mike Brown uses a lot of Chap Stick.

- You know something... I think Joe Buck's been pretty decent today. He's really only annoyed me once, and I had the over/under set at 48.


- Thomas Jones cuts one back, all the way around to the other side... and that'll do it. 15 yards and a touchdown, and it's been a thoroughly earned victory for the Chicago Bears today. 39-14, 4:19 to play.

- 2:00 warning, and FOX has broken out the "Super Bowl Shuffle" music.

- It's officially in the books. Lovie Smith's first interview will apparently be with "The Best Damn Sports Show," because, as always, that is the home of champions.


- Since the Saints had to lose, I'm glad it wasn't in the Superdome. That would've been a pretty depressing thing, and it might've been pretty awkward to watch another team celebrate in front of those people.

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