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Sam Dekker White Pride Tweet Sparks Meet Me In Temecula Part 2

Photo: Harry How (Getty)

Last night, Los Angeles Clippers forward Sam Dekker tweeted how proud he was to be white, sparking a feud between two Twitter users that culminated with the Dekker-defender buying his adversary an airline ticket to Los Angeles so they could punch each other about it. It is truly as stupid as it sounds, but let’s go through it, shall we?

It started with this tweet from Dekker:


Dekker’s tweet (which he deleted, so maybe he’s not actually that proud) was in response to this tweet from former Wisconsin teammate Bronson Koenig:

Anyhow, then it got good (and by good I mean alarmingly dumb) when lawyer guy @mattbilinsky got mad about a tweet from writer guy @sreekyshooter:


That led to this:


And then this:


The lawyer guy followed through, and even tweeted a screenshot of the reservation:




At least four years ago, when a Twitter guy drove 35 minutes to Temecula, Calif., on Christmas Day to fight another Twitter guy who said mean things about Kobe Bryant, the feud was about a player who was actually good. The NBA has really changed.

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