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Sammy Sosa Does Not Come To You For A Contract Offer

Sammy Sosa is now 40 years old. And despite hitting a serviceable 21 homers and 92 RBI in limited action in 2007, he didn't play last year, and he probably won't play in 2009, either. Especially when he thinks that teams should be chasing him. These are the misunderstandings that occur when times get tough and you're forced to lay off your translator.

"I still don't have an offer, and I shouldn't be looking for offers out there," said Sosa, the National League MVP in 1998 and the only hitter to surpass 60 or more homers in a season on three occasions. "Any team who wants to sign me should have the initiative and make an offer."


Sosa is hoping to catch on with the Dominican entry into the World Baseball Classic, which is only a couple months away. Physical attributes aside, it's questionable whether Sosa is a box-office asset. As one of the living artifacts of a performance-enhancement era baseball seems all too eager to bury, Sosa might want to brush up on his language skills while he's waiting by the phone. Specifically, learning the Spanish translation for "snowball's chance in hell."

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