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Sammy Sosa-San Could Rack Up The Yen

While his old "pal" Mark McGwire is battered about on every cable channel, Sammy Sosa continues to cast about to find somewhere to peddle his wares. With the major leagues, uh, unlikely, it is only natural that he would look eastbound. And he might have found himself a winner.

Japanese sports papers linked the former major-league slugger with the Yokohama BayStars, and there is no doubt a player with Sosa's name would be a huge draw here. A proposed salary figure mentioned in the press articles was 500 million yen (about $4.2 million) for one season. If the 'Stars, or another Japanese club, go ahead and sign Sosa, the team would naturally be counting on the fact he would play every day and provide huge interest that would mean increased attendance, such as the Yakult Swallows enjoyed when major-league superstar Bob Horner joined them in 1987.


The best part about this is that if they ban steroids and Sosa is called in front of the Japanese Parliament to testify, he can say he doesn't speak Japanese and totally not be lying.

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