San Francisco Police Dressing Up As Dodger Fans Is Totally Not Entrapment Somehow

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The Dodgers and Giants meet up again at AT&T Park starting tonight, which means there will be fights between Dodger and Giant fans in the stands, in the parking lot, in the gift shops probably. It just happens, it's been this way for years, and this blood feud will surely outlive us all. However, city leaders plan to crack down on this problem by having SFPD go undercover as Dodger fans. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?


They tried this last January at Candlestick Park when the New York Giants came into town for the NFC Championship, and now it's baseball turn for some misdirection:

"Certainly the rivalry between the Giants and the Dodgers is as hot as its ever been," Mayor Ed Lee said. "We want to do everything possible that we can to make our city continue to be safe."

Lee made the announcement at an appearance with Police Department Chief Greg Suhr and three officers dressed in sample Dodgers togs. Suhr said the mayor had suggested the idea after police employed a similar strategy during January's 49ers-New York Giants NFL playoff game.

"I didnt know if I could get San Francisco police officers to wear Dodger blue, but these courageous officers volunteered," Suhr said. "There will be many more than three out there, so to all the Giants fans, have a great time, be the class fans that you are, treat our rivals right, and let's just send the Dodgers' fans home nothing but disappointed."

Police Officer Gordon Shyy said plainclothes officers will join an increased number of uniformed officers at AT&T Park.

Shyy insisted that having undercover officers in Dodgers blue was not inviting hostile Giants fans to act out.

"I dont think it's enticement," Shyy said.

Point taken. Hard to argue with that kind of logic, really.

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