Bryan Stow continues on his path to recovery following a vicious beating at Dodger Stadium that left him in a coma resulting in severe brain damage. The San Francisco Giants had hoped he would be able to attend Opening Day, but he remains in a care facility.

Stow, however, was still able to participate in the touching ceremony as he virtually handed his son, Tyler, a baseball to be used for the ceremonial first pitch. Stow appeared on the jumbotron, mimicking a throw, and offered some words of encouragement to his son. "Tyler, here's your ball. Good luck son."

Giants reliever Jeremy Affeldt then handed Tyler a ball and "he promptly whipped an impressive fast ball for the ceremonial first pitch." According to the news report, it was the first time Bryan Stow has appeared and spoken to the public. The Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 1-0 5-0, on the strength of a Matt Cain one-hit, complete game shutout.

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