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Sanders Gets To The Ball, Then Explodes

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Thoughts, Perceptions and Gripes from a series-tying 4-1 Astros victory over the Cardinals in the NLCS last night:

• The play where Cardinals left fielder Reggie Sanders ran down a fly ball and then, upon getting to it, spontaneously combusted was one of the sadder and (yes) most amusing things we've seen in a while. We're (obviously) concerned about Sanders' injury — the Cards' trainer says he's 50-50 to play Game 3 on Saturday — but the play was so bizarre and sudden that it took us a few minutes to register what happened. Neverminding that Sanders, after missing it, went all "Jazz Hands!" on us. Ah-cha-cha-cha!
• Roy Oswalt reminded us so much of Marlins-era Kevin Brown last night that we can't wait for the Yankees to sign him.
• Anybody else find it odd that injured players like Scott Rolen — who obviously won't be getting into the game — still put on their uniform like they're on the roster? Do they put on spikes? Do they wear a cup? How far do they take it?
• We are hoping that the emergence of Astros youngster Chris Burke in this postseason brings us one step close to the holy grail: "Life Goes On" being released on DVD. Honestly, like you wouldn't have viewing parties.
• Any illusions Cardinals fans had that this might be an easier series than last year are officially gone. Be ready: This one's going seven. Maybe more. Well, OK, not more. But seven.


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