Sandra Bullock Will Ride Michael Oher To Oscar Glory

If the trailer for The Blind Side—coming this Thanksgiving!—doesn't scream "Oscar Bait", then my name isn't Steven Spielbergo. The important takeaway here is that Sandra Bullock is not the crazy racist she portrayed in Crash.

For those in the dark, this is the movie version of Michael Lewis' book about Baltimore's No. 1 draft pick Michael Oher, a hulking black kid who was taken into the loving embrace of a lily white family in rural Mississippi after they found him bleeding and hungry on the side of the road. The fact that he was built like a dump truck and the high school team needed a left tackle is not really relevant here. What is relevant is that if the kid playing Oher doesn't get an Best Supporting Actor nod after looking that mopey for two straight hours, then Obama's America doesn't really exist.


Unfortunately, Tim McGraw's acting prowess kinda gets short shrift here. Hmm. I wonder why that is? That just means more time for White Ladies Threatening Gangsters! In Short Skirts! With Southern Accents! Bring the Kleenex, fellas.

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