Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sarah: Hey Erik!
me: hey you
whats going down?
Sarah: Not much! you?
me: just working at the office!
its about 92 degrees here
Sarah: It's not 92 degrees here. Lol.
What line of work are you in?
me: lol lucky you
i work for IBM
i'm BDM
what part of cali you reppin?
Sarah: A wha?
me: business development manager
which means i do like 598283different things
Sarah: Oooh. Hey, that could be useful!
me: lol
Sarah: I'm originally from Cupertino ... my dad worked for ... Apple.
I live in Oregon now. Go Ducks!
me: oh very nice!!!
i do consulting for a firm in Oregon too
lake oswego
place is sick
Sarah: It is!
Figuratively and literally.
me: hahahhaha
lots of hippies
Sarah: Lol. Yes.
me: music scene is tight
i'm pretty good at hacky sack so i can tolerate them
Sarah: Lol.
Play soccer at all?
me: a little when i was younger.
then moved to hockey
what about you?
Sarah: I played soccer (State champs in high school!), and
basketball. I don't watch soccer, but I watch NBA, football, and one
of my favorites, UFC.
me: ahhh very cool!
i only started geting into UFC last year
love Mayhem Miller
we're like 3rd cousins or some shit
Sarah: Lol.
me: so whats yoru story?
Sarah: Well, I'm a writer for
me: can you kill skip bayless for me?
Sarah: And I have a plan to takeover the world.
Lol. If you ever meet Skip, you'll wind up loving him.
me: lol i will have to l that day
until then
Sarah: He's a character, that's for sure. But his on-screen deal is an act.
me: yeah?
i kinda had an idea
Sarah: 100%. He's the antagonist that people love to hate.
me: gotcha. Ok well thats really good to know then
Sarah: So, back to my plan to rule the world ...
me: ok yes, continue
Sarah: We're creating, which is in its
preliminary stages will be primarily photos — captioned images,
memes, fake tweets, and fake iPhone conversations, etc.
It's basically a way for us to monetize the followings we've created
on Twitter.
But still keep a comedic touch and not become link dumps.
me: great idea
you're aware of the FakeESPN account?
Sarah: Yeah, we'll bypass them.
If not add them in later.
me: ok
Sarah: Brent and I have been trying to formulate a primary "team"
which would be you, me, Brent, NBA Memes (Facebook — 350K followers)
and an editor to keep things looking kosher on the site and
written content.
Aside from that, we have contributors totaling 2.8 million followers.
me: wow
I didn't realize it was so many
Sarah: The five of us will be responsible for maintaining
viewership on the site (promoting on Twitter, nothing ridiculous), and
receive 17.5% of the total profits from the site itself. 12.5% will be
used to pay for contributors to create content and link back to the
site (NotBillWalton, etc., etc., etc.).
At a minimum, we're each making a few thousand dollars a
month. By my senior director estimates, each of the five of
us will be making over $100K.
My ultimate goal, being that I work for ESPN, is to sell the
site to ESPN and becoming a blog on
ESPN recently got rid of ESPN Page 2 (the site I worked for)
and created ESPN Playbook (the site I currently work for). I think
Page 2 fit a comedic audience that will now be sorrily missed on the
(The $100K is a yearly estimate based off 7.5 million views per month)
me: right, ok i'm following
more so
where do the sponsorships come from ?
mostly its a nominal fee they pay for click thrus
Sarah: Once we reach a few million in views, then you start
to see food advertisers.
Like Subway on Grantland.
me: Ok
i'm all about good quality content
Sarah: Me too!
me: ive seen some of your stuff
its pretty damn funny
Sarah: You should have said you hated it.
And made this awkward.
me: i was going to tell you that you're ugly
but i'll save that for later
Sarah: :)
me: lol
so how do we start the ball rolling here?
Sarah: We've already begun creating the website design with an ESPN
designer. We're aiming for it to look like — almost
identical, but enough difference to not get hit with a lawsuit.
me: hahahah good move
quick question
you available by phone?I have a proposal i need to work on
now and get out and i can bullshit on speaker. have a few quesitons
Sarah: Is it cool if I connect you with the editor? He can
probably answer your questions much better.
me: yeah for sure
i just wanna know about the content for the site really
if its geared towards a specific channel of people
and all that jazz
and what our roles will be
Sarah: Cool! Take down my numbers, and
Our editor is at His name is Nick. He's very
cool, tons of experience in the industry, and he'll be able to answer
all questions. Literally, even when the world is going to end.
me: ok awesome
mines 862-xxx-xxxx in case anyone needs to get in touch
Sarah: Cool! I'll let him know you're going to call, and feel
free to reach out to me. I'm in meetings for ESPN Playbook this week,
but I can still text. His line is a landline.
me: those numbers are both cells?
You're one of those huh lol
Sarah: Yes. Did you not see what happened to Bobby Petrino?!
J/K. ESPN provides a cell for company use, and I have my own, too.
me: i did. you got diversify your cells i guess, right?
Sarah: Lol. Exactly.
me: makes total sense
alright i'll call this nick dude at some point
he gonna know who i am when i call?
Sarah: Yeah, of course.
Once you decide if you want to contribute to the site, let me know
and I'll have the designer create your email account.
me: oh, i for sure want in.No question
Sarah: Something like
me: dude E-rock
Sarah: Cool! I'll have her create it. Is OK?
me: Emoney also works
lol yea thats perfect
Sarah: Sounds good. I'll get her started on that. Have a good day and
we'll chat soon!
me: ok take care and thanks again =)

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