Sarcastic Oregon Player On SEC: "They're Super Big And Scary"

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Does this count as bulletin board material?

Oregon lineman Jake Fisher gave a fun interview while talking about the Ducks' game against the Tennessee Volunteers this Saturday. On paper—or a computer screen—Fisher's comments start out as mundane, compliment-your-opponent quotes, but then he has some fun with breathless adoration of The Best Conference In College Football.

Some of Fisher's quotes:

They're big, strong and fast, and they're the SEC, and no one can beat the SEC, so, we're going to have all the challenges.


Yeah they're really big and scary, so, we're all really, really intimidated by the SEC, so we're just going to have to keep our minds right.

Yeah, it's our dream to play the SEC, so, you know, we're just going to come out and play a good game.



Photo: Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images