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Savor The Moment The Canadian Anthem Singers Realized Their Buddy Had Gone Rogue

The biggest story to come out of last night’s MLB All-Star Game had nothing to do with the game at all, but with a pregame performance of “O Canada.” Remigio Pereira, member of the Canadian singing group The Tenors, replaced some of the lyrics in the anthem with “all lives matter,” a favored political rallying cry of bigots and disingenuous cretins. The other members of The Tenors later apologized and labeled Pereira a “lone wolf,” and based on their in-the-moment reactions to his ad-libbing, it’s hard not to believe them.

If you need a laugh at any moment today, just return to this video and watch the slow, horrified turn by the guy immediately to Pereira’s left:


Pereira, whose Facebook page is littered with posts about flat-earth theories and mind-control waves, attempted to tweet through it:


This is a person who probably means well but is unfortunately very stupid.

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