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Last week, with the Steelers staring hard at 0-4 for the first time in 45 years, coach Mike Tomlin decreed that the pool and ping pong tables at the team's practice facility were off-limits to all players. Because that's the fix that was needed. But then the Steelers won! And they took joy from it! And we just can't have that. Obviously.


Early in the third quarter, Emmanuel Sanders punctuated the game's lone touchdown by doing a somersault into the end zone—something rookie Le'Veon Bell had done two weeks earlier. Sanders's act—and Antonio Brown's penchant for enjoying himself every time he picks up a first down—has triggered a lot of grumbling from Yinzers who worry these men are enjoying themselves a bit too much out there.

The wishes of those bluenoses have at last been granted: Today, Tomlin told the media he's doing something about those darned somersaults:

The Ravens come to Heinz Field on Sunday. They must be terrified by this development.

Photo: Associated Press

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