SB Nation Editor-In-Chief Elena Bergeron Stepping Down

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After almost two years as SB Nation editor-in-chief, Elena Bergeron is stepping down from the role, according to a company-wide email sent out on Wednesday by Vox Media publisher Melissa Bell. Bergeron will be overseeing the transition, helping to hire the new EIC before leaving the company on March 15. Vox Media has posted a job listing seeking Bergeron’s replacement.

In the meantime, SB Nation Executive Producer Ryan Nanni will be filling in as interim editor-in-chief, while new hire Jermaine Spradley will join as GM of the site starting March 4. In a separate email, SB Nation college sports co-League Manager Matt Brown stressed to the college football blog network that the change will not impact the day-to-day processes of team sites.

The full email from Bell is below:

Hey, folks,

I’m writing today to announce that Elena Bergeron - our Editor In Chief of SB Nation - will be stepping down March 15. As the first ever EIC of SB Nation, Elena held a deep commitment to high-quality editorial content, building communities of creators, and serving a diverse network of 75 million passionate fans. Under her leadership, SB Nation reached more fans across the country than ever before, launched a network of over 75 podcasts, produced its first television show, grew its YouTube audience over 200% and won its first ASME. Elena also advocated for great writers and quality storytelling, hiring some of the most diverse talent in sports writing today and steering some of SB Nation’s most ambitious work – from documenting the premier soccer league in Kenya’s largest refugee camp to creating an NABJ award-winning timeline coverage of the Colin Kaepernick saga.

I am grateful for all of her hard work, and excited for her to have the space to focus her skills on more creative work – her first passion.

She is leaving us with a stronger SB Nation than ever before. Elena will be working with me to start the hiring process for a new Editor In Chief before she leaves in March. We’ve posted that role here, and ask that you all send in your best recommendations.

As we look to fill that role, I’m pleased to share some exciting leadership news. First, today we welcome Jermaine Spradley who joins us for three months as the interim GM at SB Nation. Jermaine has held roles at Huffington Post, Citi, Interactive One, and, most recently, spent three years leading editorial strategy and business development for Bleacher Report. He will start in the NYC office on March 4th.

Next, I’m thrilled to share that Ryan Nanni, long-time SB Nation contributor and most recently Executive Producer, will take on the role of interim Editor-in-Chief of SB Nation’s Flagship. In this temporary role, Ryan will oversee all Flagship teams. He brings to this role proven leadership ability, an enthusiasm for SB Nation’s storytelling abilities, and a true embodiment of the SB Nation voice. As of today, Will Buikema will become SB Nation’s Executive Producer and will run the video team.

Ryan will partner closely with John Ness, who will remain at the helm of SB Nation’s Team Brands, and Bryan Tucker, who will lead a new Combat organization that houses MMA and Combat under one roof.

Jermaine, Ryan, John, and Brian will report to me.

I’m excited for SB Nation’s future under this growing executive team. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Vox Media communications did not respond to an email asking for comment before press time. We will update the post if and when we hear back.


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