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Scenes From An Execution: Here's All 17 Goals Marc-Andre Fleury's Allowed To The Flyers This Series

The Philadelphia Flyers increased their Stanley Cup playoff series lead on Pittsburgh to 3-0 yesterday after a mess of a game best illustrated through metaphor. The six goals allowed by Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury ran his total allowed in the series to 17—a number that looks even worse when compiled into one video, which we've done above.


Of course, that's not to assign all blame for the series' results so far to Fleury. The Penguins have played miserable defense at times, playing as if blindfolded, while careless play in the neutral zone has allotted Philadelphia far more scoring opportunities than they've deserved. But lest the failures be overshadowed by the playoff series's prominent fights, it's still worth reminding ourselves how this thing got to 3-0 in the first place. [Root Sports, NBC, TSN]

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