Science! Proves That No One Thought Hope Solo Was Hot Until She Went Brunette

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Goalkeeper Hope Solo has adopted the Brandi Chastain USWNT Sex Symbol endowed chair, and our friends at KCKRS have decided to give this thing the data-driven treatment it deserves.

Specifically, why is it that Solo trended so aggressively on Google in 2007, but "Hope Solo hot" didn't become a popular search until 2011? Same goes for "Hope Solo boyfriend."


2007 was the Women's World Cup in which Solo went heel on her coach and veteran keeper Brianna Scurry. (Scurry lost the semifinal for Team USA.) The team wasn't as good, but Solo had more of the attention—now we have Rapinoe-to-Wambach and singing Pia Sundhage.


So why is it that only now are people trying to research Solo's hotness? Is it the hair change? This could, of course, go one of two ways: either gentlemen prefer brunettes, or Solo's chestnut hair grabs less than the blonde does. That is to say, men might always wonder more whether the internet finds a brown-haired girl hot than if she were blonde. It could also be that no man wanted to be with a brooding rogue such as Solo, especially when Team USA was losing. Or it could be something else.

Either way, something called magicJack will reap the eventual rewards.

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